What is Greater Good Games?

Greater Good Games is attempting to improve the world, one game at a time. We are a charitable indie game development studio raising funds for "the greater good" through our passion for developing awesome games.

Our first game, Break Blocks, was released February 29th, 2012 for Windows and Mac, check it out on the Games Page. We have also released the game for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch as "Break Blocks Touch!", get it now in the iTunes App Store, or try the Free Version first.

Our Financial Mission

We here at Greater Good Games feel really lucky to be able to make games for a living, and we believe in giving back. Karma, baby! That's why Greater Good Games donates proceeds from every sale to the charity Doctors Without Borders. Here are the details of our charity model for our game Break Blocks.

To start, we're donating 20% of our take of each sale (so, whatever you pay minus the fees charged by payment processors).

Now this is where it starts to get a little crazy... If our sales do exceptionally well, we will increase our percentages following these milestones:

  • At the $25,000 mark, we'll begin donating 30% per additional sale

  • At $50,000, we'll begin donating 40% per additional sale

  • Anything over $100,000, and we'll donate 50% of every additional sale!

We will be updating our progress on the 1st of each month! Check back to see our progress.

Who we are

Dayle Flowers, our Technical Director, was the senior programmer at Tripwire Interactive, makers of Killing Floor and Red Orchestra, and is now the Tech Lead at Zimmdot(contractors for hire). He got his start in game development by teaching himself how to program and showing off the first version of Break Blocks to a local game developer over 6 years ago. After jumping through several failed start ups, Dayle finally landed at Tripwire and settled in. With over 10 years of programming experience and a bunch of company management pointers from Tripwire, he decided it was time to resurrect Break Blocks and attempt to strike out on his own. While game development is definitely his main driving passion, Dayle also dabbles in web and application development. Let's hope that his experience amounts to some excellent games coming from a well-run company... or at least excellent games from a semi-functional company.

Some people have worked in the game industry for quite some time... Noah Wood, our Art Director, is not one of those people. Since childhood, he's entertained 3 different goals for himself: to be a super hero, achieve immortality, or make video games. After years spent exhausting his first choices, Noah had a chance run-in with an acquaintance of Dayle's, and let's just say the rest is history. Noah is now pursuing this new venture, his last, best hope, Greater Good Games, with the title of "Only Artist." His educational background is in illustration, so he's been pumping virtual iron to help his skill-set grow a 3rd dimension. Not many things, aside from super powers or immortality, would make Noah happier than seeing Greater Good Games succeed, allowing others and himself to do what they love while helping humanity (that's kind of what super powers are for, after all).

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