SL'UP has New Programmer Arts - 05/16/14

Recently, I've been really focused on getting It Hungers finalized and ready for release with one programmer, while our new SL'UP programmer has decided to replace all the placeholder art with his own programmer arts...much better, but still in need of some proper love from an artist!

He's decided that he's gonna add online multiplayer next to make sure we're good to go on that front before adding in more enemies, some pickups, and other features. Will finally be able to play against a proper player online instead of handing my non-gamer wife the controller to record a 2-player video ;)

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Finally Something to Post - 04/10/14

Since Dayle's vacating the company, it's been a real struggle to find a programmer to pick up the slack on It Hungers, Swipe Attack, and SL'UP. Thankfully, I've found a programmer to take on It Hungers and another programmer that was really intrigued by SL'UP. Things are pretty slow going on It Hungers, but progress is being made. SL'UP on the other hand, has come a long way in just a couple of weeks! It's only using placeholder art, but the dynamic lighting is a thing of beauty!

The only project that Dayle's allowed to work on, Slipshot, has also been slow going. We'll get there eventually, but my day job and my newborn daughter are front and center right now, as they should be!

Stay tuned, folks, Greater Good Games lives on!

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