Finally Something to Post - 04/10/14

Since Dayle's vacating the company, it's been a real struggle to find a programmer to pick up the slack on It Hungers, Swipe Attack, and SL'UP. Thankfully, I've found a programmer to take on It Hungers and another programmer that was really intrigued by SL'UP. Things are pretty slow going on It Hungers, but progress is being made. SL'UP on the other hand, has come a long way in just a couple of weeks! It's only using placeholder art, but the dynamic lighting is a thing of beauty!

The only project that Dayle's allowed to work on, Slipshot, has also been slow going. We'll get there eventually, but my day job and my newborn daughter are front and center right now, as they should be!

Stay tuned, folks, Greater Good Games lives on!

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Slipshot++ - 01/07/14

We've got some great news on the Slipshot front, but first I'd like to offer some clarification about why we have a few unfinished titles still lingering. For those of you that have been following us closely, you know that I took on a job that doesn't allow me to work for Greater Good Games anymore. This meant that Noah was going to have to find someone to pick up the programming side of things on It Hungers and Swipe Attack. He did find a few people, but reliable programmers tend to not work for the possibility of future pay on any projects that are not their own, so there has been little to no progress on that front. I'd love to just finish up those titles, but as soon as I touch them again, my employer could seize ownership of them. Consequently, I started looking at doing new side projects, which brings us to Slipshot.

The good news about Slipshot is that Noah is now able to join in on the project thanks to a "Side Project Exception Agreement" that my employer was nice enough to work on with me. Another positive outcome of this agreement is that I can make a full-fledged polished game project, put it up for sale, and just pay some royalties off it to Metamoki. In light of this, I decided to really analyze the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine and I have found it to be insufficient for a retail game. Discussions with Noah led to deciding on the Source engine with the intent of working out some sort of licensing agreement with Valve at some point, pending we have a successful Kickstarter campaign. We have also brought Oliver back onto the project, who has done some art for us on Swipe Attack. We have also carried over Ossian who was the only artist working on the Cube 2 version of the game. We are now 4 members strong and hard at work putting together a much better version of Slipshot. You can watch our development progress on our forums!

Lastly, this means that we're not planning on publicly releasing the Cube 2 version of Slipshot, but if you'd like to give the concept a whirl with me, just drop us a line:

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