Break Blocks Available on iOS - 08/09/12

Break Blocks is now available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch as "Break Blocks Touch!", get it now in the iTunes App Store, or try the Free Version first.

Break Blocks Released - 02/29/12

It's complete! Over! Done! Gone Gold! After years of working, iterating, and rewriting, we've finally gotten the game out the door! Haven't played Break Blocks? Download the Demo. Been waiting for the release to buy it? Pay What You Want! Already bought it? Download the Final Release.

Break Blocks Previewed - 12/22/11

The Game Effect has written up a preview of Break Blocks' using the latest Early Adopters build! Check it out!

Early Adopters Program Launched - 06/18/11

At long last, after months of planning, developing, and a whole lot of hype, we have launched the Early Adopters Program. Try out the demo and join the program now in the Games section.

Break Blocks Early Adopters Program - 01/28/11

Greater Good Games proudly reveals our revolutionary Early Adopters Program for Break Blocks, whereby anyone who purchases the game early gets to help decide the direction of the game through feedback given directly to the developers here at Greater Good Games. For more information about Break Blocks or the Early Adopters Program, check out the Games section.

Greater Good Games Announces First Title - 03/09/10

Greater Good Games is happy to finally reveal our first game, Break Blocks, a musically driven puzzle game where you assume the role of a talented but untrained break dancer blazing your path to fame. For more information about Break Blocks, hop on over to the Games section.